Cory Instrument Care Products

  Satin Sheen
Satin Sheen's remarkable cleaning properties make maintaining difficult satin finishes easy. Use Satin Sheen to remove fingerprints, smudges or grime. Satin works on poly as well as lacquer surfaces. Nothing cleans the new polyester satin ebony better or easier. Simply apply directly to surface, rub in the direction of the grain, and buff off.
  Super High-Gloss Polish
Super High-Gloss Polish is specially formulated to clean and protect high-gloss polyester, polyurethane, and lacquer finishes in one easy step. Use SUper-High Gloss Polish as often as desired to eliminate fingerprints, smudging and static that attracts dust. Special UV Shield protection helps prevent fading and surface deterioration.
Buff-Brite is a water base buffing compound that gently removes scratches from all high performance finishes. Especially formulated to clean and buff brass, nickel, silver, polyurethane, lacquer, etc. Works easily on guitars, drums, cymbals, band instruments, high gloss pianos, synthesizers, instrument hardware and tarnished name decals without leaving a greasy film. Excellent for deep cleaning fingerprint oils from poly and lacquer satin ebony finishes.
  Keyboard Detailer
Keyboard Detailer is a truly unique one step cleaner, conditionerm and polish designed for use on synthesizers, digital keyboards, digital pianos, accordions, and much more. Detailer is anti-static and fingerprint resistant. Safe on plastic, Formica, metal, leather, and most synthetic surfaces.
  Natural Wood Guitar Polish
Simply the best moisturizing and conditioning polish you can apply to all acoustic and classical guitars. Use Natural Wood on all finished and open pore surfaces as often as desired without buildup. Extend the life of you guitar with regular use.
  Guitar Kits Stage 3
Detailing Kit

is the newest technology available in finish care today. This kit is designed for pro's who need their axes protected and looking great for heavy use conditions. Stage 1 cleans and prepares the surface. Stage 2 builds teflon fortified resin coats that protect as well as reflect and refract light giving the surface a 3-D imaging effect. Stage 3 glaze finishes the outer surface with a protective glaze to further reflect light and make the surface ant-static and finger print resistant. Use Stage 3 for everyday cleaning and maintenance.
    Mega Dusters
This special double weave cloth is a dust magnet. Its super-size 15x20" makes dusting easy. Clean any high performance finish thoroughly and safely without scratching. Imagine dusting a high-gloss grand piano and not having to go back again to chase the dust! Md's are washable and compatible with all Cory polishes.

Rock 'N' Mags
Truly unique decorator magnets made from 2" square travertine marble. Contains 60 magnets on a 12"x40" metal POP display. Choose from Paul Chase "Original Guitar Art", Product # MDFC-PC. Charles Kahlenber "ChazJazz", Product #MDFC-CK. Or choose a combination package of both, Product #MDFC-PCCK. Reorder minimums 6 magnets per image.

Self standing or hang on wall
  Musically Inspired Drink Coasters

Super absorbent, washable foam coasters that will brighten up any occasion

8x8x8" clear acrylic POP store display.

Make great collectibles and musical gifts.

Coasters available shrinkwrapped in sets of 4 or individually to mix and match. Your Choice!

Two great designer series to choose from.

Starter package includes 8 of our most popular designs 32 sets of 4 (128 individual coasters)

Minimum order of 12 sets of 4 (48 individual coasters)

Minimum order 3 sets of 4 (12 individual coasters) per design.
ChasJazz Coasters
Super cool jazz scenes custom designed by
artist Charles Kahlenberg.
Product #FCPOP-CK
Fret Floater Coasters
Hundreds of original designs by graphic guitar
artist Paul Chase to choose from.
Product #FCPOP-PC
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