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The Original "Hand Crafted"
Super Power Chamber
Saxophone Mouthpiece

About the Dukoff Chambers

D CHAMBER: The baffle in the chamber is built high enough for a bright "edgy" sound, yet has the depth and guts which make the sound excitng. The shank of the mouthpiece has been elongated to get a better grip on the cork when tuning. The insert for the teeth is slighty contoured for more comfortable playing. The response is instantaneous and clean. ALL THESE INNOVATIONS APPLY TO OUR ENTIRE LINE OF MOUTHPIECES.
is a smaller chamber which gives a more direct, compact sound. Some players like the feeling of tighter control of their instrument that this chamber provides. The "S" Chamber provides the brightest sound in our line of mouthpieces.
  M SUPER POWER CHAMBER: will give the player everthing offered in the "D" Chamber but is slighty darker (less bright) in sound.
(orginal large chamber) is more of a traditional large chambered mouthpiece. The sound has more spread and gives the darkest sound of all our chambers. This mouthpiece is preferred by the main stream jazz players.
P CHAMBER: has the same baffle as the "D" chamber, except the chamber itself is slighty larger, for more depth to the sound.
H CHAMBER: is a traditional round large chamber with no baffle. It is a duplication of my famous 'HOLLYWOOD' (H) model of 1945.

• Our new "SILVERITE" metal has a brilliance and resonance unexcelled in other metals being used in the making of mouthpieces. The formula for "SILVERITE" has been the result of extensive experimentation and many years of searching for just the right metal for a mouthpiece.
• Our "SILVERITE" metal vibrates more freely so that you can feel the sound as well as hear it. It is more in tune with the vibrations of the metal in your instrument.

Each mouthpiece is shipped with ligature and cap.
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