AEARO Noise Protection Products

  Professional Musician E-A-R® Plugs
Stock # 410-3019

Ideal for the musician or music enthusiast. Unlike conventional earplugs, this patented technology reduces the volume of the music across all frequencies without distortion of muffling. The unique triple-flange design provides a secure and confortable fit.

Reduces volume without distortion
Patented technology is perfect for concerts and theatre
Take them anywhere in a handy storage case
Comfotable and reusable
Reasy to insert and remove
NRR 12 dB


Individual Pillow Pack
Stock # 310-1033

1 Pair Noise FIlters
10 Boxes Per Master
200 Pieces Per Box



E-A-R Classic® Refill Bottle
Stock # 391-1001
500 per Bottle, 4 Bottles per Case

Most popular earplug in the world
NRR 29 dB
The E-A-R® yellow colors is your assurance of proven protection
Moisture resistant dermatological safe foam is not irritating
Slow recovery PVC foam provides comfort with low pressure

E-A-R® One Touch™ Base and "No Waste Funnel"
Stock # 391-1000

Empty Base unit

Patented "No Waste Funnel" allows users to reuse base and
One Touch™ offers the most reliable delivery system in the world
One Touch™ base can be used as a table top unit or wall mounted
Easy access for the user from all sides
No waste of packaging for individual earplugs

Noise Filter™ Soft Foam E-A-R® Plugs
Stock # 313-1304

No other earplugs offer a higher degree of noise reduction.
Made of extra soft foam that provides comfort even for longer term usage. Patented foam expands to custom fit virtually every size ear canal. Noise Filter™ Soft Foam E-A-R® Plugs are unaffected by perspiration or humidity like some other foam earplugs. Noise is reduced to a safe, confortable level without isolating the wearer completely. NRR 29dB

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