Mike Balter Basics

Balter Basics
Designed to provide the student and band program with an economically developed solution for obtaining mallets. With exceptional quality at an affordable price, this color-coded series has a model for every percussion situation. Balter Basics come with moderately thicker birch handles for more control and durability. Balter Basics are featured in the Band Director's Special prepack.

  Model BB1
Color: Yellow Yarn
Hardness: H
  Model BB2
Color: Blue Yarn
Hardness: M
  Model BB3
Color: Red Yarn
Hardness: S

  Model BB4
Color: Yellow Cord
Hardness: H
  Model BB5
Color: Blue Cord
Hardness: M
  Model BB6
Color: Red Cord
Hardness: S

  Model BB7
Color: Yellow Rubber
Hardness: H
  Model BB8
Color: Blue Rubber
Hardness: M
  Model BB9
Color: Red Rubber
Hardness: S

  Model BB10
Color: 1" PVC
Hardness: H
  Model BB11
Color: 1" Poly
Hardness: MH
  Model BB12
Color: Round Brass
Hardness: H

Band Director's Special
The Band Director's Special prepack puts it all within your reach. The pack includes 1-BB2 (Medium Yarn), 1-BB8 (Medium Rubber), 1-BB10 (PVC Xylo Mallet), 1-BB12 (Brass Bell Mallet), 1-T3 (General Timpani Mallet), and a MBMP (Mallet Pouch). Model BSS1.
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