Mike Balter Marching Mallets

High Volume Keyboard Mallets
Designed for indoor\outdoor playing. Oversized heavy heads provide a massive tone that will "bring down the house" with immense volume. Each model also features a non-slip grip for additional power. Available in Satin Birch or Rattan Handles.

  Model 191
1-3/8" Poly
Hardness: MH
  Model 192
1-3/8" Nylon
Hardness: H
  Model 193
1-3/8" PVC
Hardness: H

  Model 194
White Cord
Hardness: MS
  Model 195
White Cord
Hardness: MH

Multi-Tom Mallets
Heavy-gauge aluminum shafts with non-slip grips for extreme power and projection. Nicely balanced for speed and quickness.

  Model MM1
  Model MM2
  Model MM3

  Model MM4

Felt Bass Drum Mallets
Four sizes of hard felt heads on durable heavy-gauge aluminum shafts with non-slip grips for improved balance, control, and articulation.

  Model MBD1
Small Felt
  Model MBD2
Medium Felt
  Model MBD3
Large Felt

  Model MBD4
Extra Large Felt

Puff Bass Drum Mallets
Identical to the Felt Bass Drum Mallets in balance and control with soft puff covered heads.

  Model MBD5
Small Puff
  Model MBD6
Medium Puff
  Model MBD7
Large Puff

  Model MBD8
Extra Large Puff
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