MTS Products Corp.
34 Years of Band and Orchestra Cases

Injection molded black flute case. Quality plush lining.
Two sturdy latches and handle.
No. 809-E "C" Foot Joint
No. 810-E "B" Foot Joint
Professional black combination flute and piccolo case.
French style.
No. 807-E Professional "C" Foot Joint
No. 808-E Professional "B" Foot Joint
Injection molded black piccolo case. No. 646-E Metal or Wood Piccolo Case
Professional French flute case. Injection molded.
Button latches.
No. 801-E Professional "C" Foot Joint
No. 802-E Professional "B" Foot Joint
Professional black clarinet or oboe case. Plush lining and
nickel hardware. French style.
No. 862-E Professional Clarinet Case
No. 858-E Professional Oboe Case
Injection-molded clarinet or oboe cases. No. 910-V Student Clarinet Case
No. 911-V Student Oboe Case

Violins, Violas and Cello

All violin and viola cases have aluminum valances,
pocket lids and valance mounted handles. Utilizes the same styrofoam lining for additional strength as the high grade.

No. 985-V 4/4 Violin Case
No. 986-V 3/4 Violin Case
No. 987-V 1/2 Violin Case
No. 988-V 1/4 Violin Case
No. 989-V 1/8 Violin Case
No. 990-V 1/10 Violin Case
No. 991-V 1/16 Violin Case
No. 992-V 16"-16 1/2" Viola Case
No. 993-V 15"-15 1/2" Viola Case
Professional thermoformed black levant cello case. Lightweight with aluminum valance. Scuff resistant. Luxuriously plush lined. Wheels allow for easy transport. No. 894-V 4/4 Deluxe Cello
No. 895-V 3/4 Deluxe Cello

Deluxe Cello

Band Insturments
Tough mar-proof black vacuum-formed shell with an aluminum valance. Plush lined. All hardware is backed by steel washers. Interior is protective styrofoam. No. 1210-V Student Trumpet Case
No. 1212-V Student Cornet Case
No. 1213-V Alto Saxophone Case
No. 1214-V Tenor Saxophone Case
Custom deluxe thermoformed black levant style case. Lightweight with aluminum valance. Scuff resistant and exceptionally durable. Trombone is plush lined and has 8" diameter bell. No. 818-V Trombone Case
No. 925-V Snare Drum Case
No. 926-V French Horn Case


  Marching Horn Cases
When you need a case for Sousaphones, Tubas, and Euphoniums, MTS Products is your best choice. These cases are manufactured to withstand the rigors of "Student Abuse", and their universal design will fit 95% of all instruments

Lightweight, fiberglass reinforced, ABS plastic construction
Heavy-duty aluminum valances with dust seal
Padded carry handle

Large accessory bins with lids

Stair runners on Tuba and Sousaphone
Recessed Casters on Tuba and Sousaphone
This means your MTS Case will not crack or break
Keeps your instruments dry and dust free
Comfortable to pick up and move
Keeps everything in place and organized during transport
Protects the hing when moving
Recessed casters will roll easily over any surface
Description Model Info. Weight
Small Frame Tuba No. 1205-V 33.3 lbs.
Medium Frame Tuba No. 1207-V 41.64 lbs.
Large Fram Tuba No. 1209-V 46.62 lbs.
Sousaphone No. 1199-V 38.8 lbs.
Student Baritone Bell Front No. 1200-V 17.7 lbs.
Student Euphonium No. 1201-V 17.1 lbs.



Quality Wood Instrument Cases
Quality wood cases feature plush interior and heavy-duty construction. Built for years of dependable service.

The PERFECT step up Case
Clarinet Universal Fit No. 7158-W 3.05 lbs.
Clarinet Carry All Nickel Plated Hardware No. 7159-W 4.35 lbs.
Cornet Stretched all the way through No. 7160-W 4.91 lbs.
Trumpet Quality Vinyl No. 7161-W 4.85 lbs.
Alto Sax Easy Grip Handle No. 7162-W 6.4 lbs.
Tenor Sax Very Attractive No. 7163-W 10.5 lbs.
  Combo Series Rack Cases
MTS Combo Series Racks are manufactured specifially for the music industry. The new design delivers what musicians want, a high-quality, durable rack that's built to last. You can rely on MTS to deliver superior products at the right price. Take a good look at our new Combo Series Racks and you'll agree that there is only one choice for the discriminating buyer... MTS Products.

Tapped Steel Rack Rail - No Cumbersome Clips
Special Reinfoced Construction - 5 Times Stronger
Molded From High-Density Polyethylene - 5 Times Stronger
Universal Stacking Capability, Stacks With All Brands
Interchangeable Tops - No Guesswork
Fast Delivery - No Waiting
Large Handle - Easy to Move
Priced With You in Mind
Extended Depth to Fit Oversized Products
Double Rack Cases
2 Space 1502-V
3 Space 1503-V
4 Space 1504-V
5 Space 1505-V
5 Space 14" Depth-Effects Rack Case 1605-V
6 Space 1506-V
8 Space 1508-V
10 Space 1510-V
12 Space 1512-V

Utility Case
4-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 19-3/4" 1552-V
4-1/2" x 9" x 19-3/4" 1554-V
4-1/2" x 12-1/2" x 19-3/4" 1556-V
4-1/2" x 16" x 19-3/4" 1560-V
4-1/2" x 23" x 19-3/4" 1562-V
Keyboard Cases with Wheels
61 Note 1614-V
76 Note 1615-V
88 Note 1616-V

MIC Cases
6 Unit 1620-V
10 Unit 1621-V
16 Unit 1622-V
DJ CD Case 1623-V
Mixer Case 1625-V

Equipment Case
17-1/2" x 11-3/8" x 21-3/8" 1550-V
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